L1 PRO Use Manual

1.Before use, open Settings -> Accessibility -> Touch -> Assistivetouchswitch;>

2. Insert Yao-L1 Pro into the iPhone, wait for the red LED to flash, turn on the Settings->Bluetooth switch, and find the Yao-L1 Pro device and click Connect. After the connection is successful, the red LED is always on;

3. Before using Yao-L1 Pro, please make sure that the portrait orientation on.

4. Yao-L1 Pro supports the function of playing while charging, the red LED will flash when the adapter is inserted, and the LED will always be on after the connection is successful.

       CAUTION:Yao-L1 Pro only supports devices with ios13.4 system version and above (inclusive).

      In order to get better gaming experience, please remove the phone case before use.