N1 Use Manual

1. Find Settings->About phone->Software information->Compile number option, ->

       click 5 times to open the developer options (here, take Samsung S20 mobile phone as an example, the way to enter the developer options bar will be different for different mobile phone brands and models) ;

2. Enable developer options->USB debugging (some Huawei phones need to enable the ADB debugging switch in "charge only" mode);

3.Turn on the screen auto rotate switch;

4.Scan the code to download and install the mobile game assistant. You need to activate the APP when you use it for the first time. The activation process is as follows;

      4.1 Press the joystick down button (L1) and then insert the phone until the phone pops up to indicate whether USB debugging is allowed, then release the L1 button, click OK, and wait for the activation of the APP to complete ---- During the activation process,the green LED light flashes, After activation, the green LED is always on and the APP shows that the mapping has been activated,At the same time, open the floating permissions;

After adding the game you want to control in the APP My Game column, run the game in this interface and configure the joystick control After the position, you can control the position in the game(You don't need to load the game from APP when you start the game next time after configuration, just run the game directly);

      CAUTION: Yao-N1 is only applicable to Android TYPE-C mobile phones that support PD protocol. Some oppo and vivo series mobile phones need to turn on the OTG switch before they can be used.

      In order to get better gaming experience, please remove the phone case before use.